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Planning a road trip this summer? Here are some tips on how to make your kitty's experience in the car as easy as possible.

  •  A little while before you depart, remove your cat's food and water. This will reduce the risk of an accident while on the road.
  •  Line the carrier with baby diapers. It makes for a soft and comfortable ride and also helps in case of accidents. (Cover the diapers with a sheet or large towel. This will prevent the cat from clawing up the diaper and in turn ingesting pieces of it.)
  •  Please watch the temperature in the car. If it gets too hot, it can be dangerous for your cat.
  •  Always have water available.
  •  Bring a small amount of food along if it's a long ride.
  •  Put a familiar toy in the carrier with him/her.
  •  Talk to your cat often. He/she is bound to be upset, and your voice will be soothing to him/her.

If possible, stop every hour or so for a few minutes. Take this time to remove your cat from the carrier
give him/her some reassurance and attention.

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