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There is a happy medium. First, it's important to know that Lysol is VERY toxic to cats. I do not allow it in my house. In fact, I only clean with bleach or vinegar. Lysol builds up in their fat and liver and can cause major health problems.

As long as you use normal handling of the meat, there shouldn't be any major risk. If they push stuff off the plate, just put paper plates on newspaper and roll the whole thing up to throw away when they are done.

Do NOT buy ground hamburger, as this is probably a risk of higher concentrations of bacteria, etc.

I do grind whole chicken and bones, organ meat and some veggies and flax seed, etc. all together and freeze in the Gladware containers. Then just thaw overnight on the counter and feed it room temperature.

By the way, handling dry foods is probably riskier to you than raw! At least as far as bacteria. While the main part of the food is cooked to death and sterile, the coating of digest and oils are usually not, and you probably do not want to know what those oils are made of!

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