It can be very confusing and overwhelming when you first get started with raw. "Whole" prey is ideal, but most people and many cats are simply not able to do this.

Chunks of meat and small meaty-bones (chicken necks, wing tips, etc.) are all good for chewing, but this must be done under supervision and some older cats just never really take to this.

It's important to realize that just like the commercial foods, there is no single right way to feed raw. I do think it's important to feed a balanced diet, and I believe this includes some veggie matter, even if it is just to add some fiber and mimic stomach contents of prey.

A ground diet is kind of a compromise of convenience and health. By grinding the bone, organ meat, and any supplements/veggies you want to incorporate, everything is done at once and you can just dish up the meal. This can be supplemented with larger chunks of meat for other meals during the day/week.

As I was told when I had finally just lost it, keep it simple. Think what your cat would be eating if it were in the wild. This is a small feline... it would be living on small rodents, insects, lizards, maybe experienced hunters would catch the occasional rabbit. All of these are complete little meals. They are unlikely to run down and devour anything much larger than a full grown rabbit, certainly not a cow or deer or sheep, so when we feed these larger meats, we have to 'condense' them into small packages that contain organs, calcium, stomach contents,