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Raw chicken wings are really an ideal thing for dental health. I have had my cats on all raw for almost a year now. The older ones still have rotten mouths from the years on dry food. But my two youngest have been on raw since weaning, and their teeth are still wonderful. Granted, they are still young, but many Persians seem to start acquiring tartar and tooth problems before a year anyway.

You might try some chicken ribs (the bit of bone and cartilage left when you remove the breast meat) or just the wing tip. Also, many people use chicken necks for the same purpose. And since there is usually no skin left on the necks, perhaps your cat would be more inclined to chew on it. Gizzards are also quite chewy, and while not as ideal as bone to chew on, they will help keep tartar at bay. Some of my cats can handle the whole gizzard, but for most of them, I do cut them into manageable pieces. All my cats seemed to go nuts over the raw gizzards. If you do give the gizzard, be sure you stay in the room while he/she chews on it. If they don't take their time and chew it up, they can choke. I give mine their gizzards while I am fixing stuff in the kitchen. Something else to try with the bone/wings is making sure they are room temperature. I warm my raw food mix up in a baggie in warm water for a few minutes.

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