The Supreme Cat Show is the world’s largest cat show and is comparable to Crufts. It is organised every year by the world’soldest cat registry, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, or GCCF and takes place each November at the National Exhibiting Centre in Birmingham. Special awards of UK Champion and Supreme Champion can be gained at this show only and the cat winning Best In Show has the accolade of becoming the supreme exhibit. The first Supreme Cat Show took place in 1976. Until then the GCCF itself did not organise cat shows, but licensed shows put on by the breed clubs andRead More →

If you live in the United States and are looking for a pedigree cat, then you can’t avoid coming across the acronym CFA, in full Cat Fanciers’ Association. The CFA was founded in 1906 with the intention of maintaining the integrity of cat breeds and holds the largest register of pedigree cats in the world. The association also organises cat shows, provides judges and indeed runs training programs for show judges as well as continuing the registration of purebred kitten litters. The CFA currently recognises thirty nine breeds of cat for showing in the Championship Class and one in the Miscellaneous Class, the Ragamuffin. TheRead More →

Here is a handy checklist of items you will need when you attend a show.     Trolley Cat carrier Information label Litter bucket and litter Litter tray Blanket Food dish Water dish Tin of food Bottle of water   Spoon for the food Ribbon for cat’s number tag Scissors for cutting the ribbon Vaccination certificate Tissues Cotton buds Disinfectant wipes for cleaning the cage Grooming combs and brushes Large bag   Octopus grips for attaching the large bag and things to the trolley Folding chair Cage curtains and base   Your cat(s)!  Read More →

The Persian cat is a “type” breed. While coat contributes greatly to the overall final effect, it is the body and head structure that set this breed apart. All the major cat registries accept the breed. While there may be variations in how the varieties and colors are divided and shown, the bulk of the written standard is very much the same. A show quality Persian from any registry would be instantly recognizable for what it is. In a nutshell, a Persian should be short and round in all areas except eyes, personality, and in the case of Himalayans and Persians, coat. It should beRead More →

At the show hall, your Persian needs a place to be kept and displayed in between judgings. The benching cage is where your cat will spend most of his/her time at the show. So it’s important that the benching cage contains items that will make your cat more comfortable. For example, a favorite toy or cozy bed should help your cat feel more at home. Of course, bring his/her own litter pan and food. At the beginning of the show, it is a good idea to wipe down the cage with disinfectant wipes. (Most of the time, the cage has not been treated by theRead More →

Here are a few basic rules of etiquette to keep in mind when entering the show hall:     Do not touch other people’s cats without their permission.     Be a good winner and a good loser.     A person carrying a cat always has the right-of-way.     Be cautious about any comments you make about the cats in front of judges or exhibitors.                   Left: A show held at the Stratford Leisure & Visitor Centre in the United Kingdom during June 2001 Below: Blue Persian Cat Society’s 100th Birthday Show in Cheltenham (UK):                          A display of silver trophies                                                                 A woman inRead More →

Before you join any club or registry, here are some thoughts to consider:     What will sending your money do for you and your cats? What can you do for the group? Are there shows held in your area? How long has the group been in service? What is the group’s financial situation? Will you receive a quarterly financial report? How many people are overseeing the money and for what is it being used? Are the records kept in order?Are there any lawsuits against/for the group? (Research both sides.) Will you have a say in the business? Remember that cat clubs and registries are fun,Read More →

Some of you may remember my story about my very first litter upon my return to the cat fancy – my queen’s water broke 6 days early and I spent the next week anxiously by her side until her delivery – at 5:00 AM on the floor of my cat room on a quilt that we had both been sleeping on. Kira presented me with the kittens by dropping them in my hand and waited patiently until I cleaned and checked each one. The last kit to be born was a tiny dilute calico, who I began to bottle feed to ensure she got enoughRead More →

There are as many techniques to grooming for a show, as there are breeders. Much depends on the age of the cat, the sex, time of year, color, and coat texture. Sometimes, daily brushing can cause more damage to a show coat than good. Check the coat several times daily, just by petting the cat, and if you feel the start of a small snarl, then comb it out using a wide-tooth metal comb. Never use a slicker brush for any type of daily, deep combing. The wire teeth of the slicker brush will tear out all the undercoat and leave only the hard, longRead More →