If you have a Persian with a light-colored face, such as white or cream, then you know just how challenging it can be to combat tear stains. Depending on the cat, tears may be very fluid, while others can be thicker and become crusty. Tears may range from rusty in color to blackish. For some Persian owners, wiping the eyes is a daily chore performed throughout the day. And no matter how much you wipe and cleanse, those stubborn stains will not budge. Solutions for Persian Owners It comes as no surprise that this is a hot topic within this site’s Forums. Hands down, theRead More →

Some type of grooming is essential for the Persian cat. Obviously, a show cat will need more grooming than a pet. If you love the look of a show cat, but do not show, you can still groom to that perfect show look. This is a series of articles that will cover every aspect of typical grooming sessions for a Persian cat, both for show and pet cats. It is a good idea to have all your grooming supplies in place before you get your Persian kitten. What you will need:     A gentle slicker brush     Degreaser especially for cats     Stain remover Read More →

There are as many techniques to grooming for a show, as there are breeders. Much depends on the age of the cat, the sex, time of year, color, and coat texture. Sometimes, daily brushing can cause more damage to a show coat than good. Check the coat several times daily, just by petting the cat, and if you feel the start of a small snarl, then comb it out using a wide-tooth metal comb. Never use a slicker brush for any type of daily, deep combing. The wire teeth of the slicker brush will tear out all the undercoat and leave only the hard, longRead More →

Have a safe, painless and anxiety-free feline bathing experience with these easy to follow steps. STEP 1 – We have got to face it – our feline friends hate getting wet. Protect yourself from any possible scratches when your kitty gets anxious during bath time. For starters, you may consider wearing a long sleeved shirt so that no skin is exposed for the kitten to scratch. If you don’t have one, you can also wear long sleeved gloves. Trimming your kitten’s claws will also reduce the risk of being scratched. Just clip the very tip of the claws. Be careful – there’s this pink fleshyRead More →