A Persian Cat Case Study Cats are very communicative with body language and sounds. They are often stereotyped as being distant and uncommunicative because of their solitary nature and independence. I doubt the cats who live in the wild communicate the same as our domesticated cats. It is my opinion; the domesticated cat probably learns how to communicate with body language and sounds from their human companions and other companion animals. My Persians, Taz and Fairy, are now 8 months old. They are starting to communicate more than when I first got them at 8 weeks old. It is truly interesting to sit quietly withRead More →

Caring for a pet is a lifetime commitment, and as caring and dedicated pet-lovers, we honor this responsibility to our animal companions. They trust and depend on us to provide them with a safe and secure environment in a forever home, where they can love and be loved. Sadly, sometimes unforeseen and serious events arise and render it impossible to provide this lifetime home that we expected to give our beloved pets. When all alternatives are exhausted, every avenue for a solution is fruitless – rehoming may become necessary. Few things could be more distressing than this sad task. It’s a heart-wrenching process at anyRead More →

Flea eggs can lay dormant on the ground for years, only hatching when the ground vibrates. Other than a quake, the subtle vibration means an animal walking by. Food! Flea eggs are transparent. Folks can’t see them and pick them off. What most folks think are eggs is actually flea feces – which is entirely made of blood. If you wet the little black pellets, they return to their red liquid state. Chemicals are not necessary. Diatomaceous earth is all natural, earth friendly and will end a flea infestation both inside and outside. A solution of Neem oil (cousin to the Tee Tree) works betterRead More →

Litter box problems are not unusual for cats. There are many possible reasons. Your cat has decided that the litter box is an unpleasant place to be. The box may not be clean enough, or he/she may have experienced painful urination or defection in the box. Your cat may have been startled by a noise while using the box or perhaps been “ambushed” while in the box by either another cat, a child, a dog, or even by you (if you were attempting to catch him/her for some reason). This kind of an aversion may require you to completely replace the litter box so itRead More →

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your Persian got out of the house? These days, advances in technology can really improve the odds of finding your lost or stolen cat. Pet microchips are becoming increasingly popular around the world. In fact, they are required now in some countries. The microchip consists of a tiny tube (the size of a large grain of rice) that is inserted under the skin always on the left side at shoulder height. The process is a very quick, cheap, and painless. It carries a number in it that will identify the owner by name and address.Read More →