So… you have decided you want to become a breeder. Warnings about expenses, hours of grooming and feline care and rumors about heartaches did not kill those dreams about kittens of your own that would make their mark on the world, and you now wonder “how do I even start without making terrible mistakes?”. Well, here is a 10-step formula to “making it” – or at least having a go as an ethical respected breeder in the Fancy. Step 1 – Your goal Ok, so we know you want to have kittens already. But in order to be a respected breeder most breeders I haveRead More →

Spring is in the air, daylight hours are getting longer, and our girl cats are coming into heat… “Hmm..maybe just ONE litter of kittens would be fun.” “We should have just ONE litter for the kids.” “I want to breed her so i can have kittens just like her.” “I just want ONE litter to make back the money i spent on buying her.” “Well, she’s a purebred, papered Persian – why NOT breed her?” These are just some of the most common statements I have heard over the years from people wanting to breed their cats. Most have just been purchased as family pets,Read More →

Calico cats are very easy to spot. Their colorful coat of three colors is hard to miss. Some people believe that calico is a cat breed. Others think it is a color. However, calico refers to a unique tricolor pattern. A non-diluted calico has mostly white, which is the predominant color, with distinct patches of orange (or red) and black. Some cats will have chocolate instead of black, but this is quite rare. By contrast, a diluted calico will have a coat of white, cream, blue (sort of like a bluish gray) or cinnamon. The washed out colors are caused by the dilution gene. ButRead More →

Life is like a box of cat breeders. You never know what you’re gonna get. Admittedly, that’s not exactly how Forrest Gump’s saying goes, but it illustrates the point beautifully. There are all kinds of cat breeders in this world, ranging from reputable to deplorable. Of course, there are plenty of catteries that fall somewhere in between as well. The problem we often run into is that some of these labels are subjective. What one person may find to be acceptable in a breeder, someone else may not. So we wanted to gather some data on the subject of breeder ethics and find a consensusRead More →

It is often noted that females in a breeding program can be of slightly lesser quality in regards to standard. Is it really so? If it isn’t, why? And why is it heard so often then? It is often noted that breeder quality is a measurement made for females, and that a breeder can be slightly more permissive in regards to standard when coming to choose his/her breeding girls for his/her program. Let me start by stating that as a general assumption this is not true. It is important to point that a female has the exact same amount of influence on the kitten’s looks,Read More →

Choosing a breeding stud for your cattery is never an easy task. Here are a few tips before laying your money on the wrong one. It is no doubt that in the whole cat fancy, the life of a newbie breeder is the hardest. I feel it is even harder when coming to choose a foundation boy for your breeding program. This is an area where mistakes are made a plenty, so I thought it is best to give a few guidelines to people wanting to start the breeding hobby on the right foot. If you have a mentor, or mentors, and you already approachedRead More →

There is nothing quite like the tiny mewing sound of a moments-old Persian kitten when you realize that all the hard work that you and its mother have just spent has paid off! As you dry it off, you eagerly examine the colors, you wonder about its sex, and you can’t help but hope that you are holding your very next grand champion! Is it the best experience in the world? Absolutely! Is it for everyone? I’ll let you decide…. I could just say that Persians are like no other cats in the world, but we KNOW that. I am reminded of a comment thatRead More →